Nandar Pictures Plans Release of “Disorganized Zone” series.

Nandar Pictures News

Hollywood, CA, October 5, 2016:  Nandar Pictures will release half-hour sci-fi comedy original series “Disorganized Zone” November 22, 2016 on,, Vimeo On Demand and as a PPV selection on The show spoofs the black and white Twilight Zone episodes. Disorganized Zone is the first of two original series that writer/director Judy Norton (The Waltons) negotiated distribution deals for with Nandar Pictures. .

The 7-episodes has fun with the notion that people need an “Organizer” in their lives to help pull together their physical space. Norton also stars as “The Organizer” who has a magical quality about her and a sixth sense in situations. “Disorganized Zone” storylines are based on show creator Cindi Seidler’s “day job” career as a professional organizer and inspired by real life experiences.  Watch the trailer: Disorganized Zone.

“Disorganized Zone” is produced by Good Take Films and distributed worldwide by Nandar Pictures. Nandar Pictures, LLC is a domestic and foreign Sales Agent and Distributor with straight output deals in many retail and streaming outlets along with their own platform

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