The Sparrows DVD & Soundtrack in Stores Now

6773_Sparrows_lgEnjoy “The Sparrows” Movie
We’re thrilled to bring you “The Sparrows” a DOVE FAMILY APPROVED FILM

Feeling a lack of purpose in her life as her teen children grow increasingly independent, Anna Sparrow follows the advice of her Pastor and volunteers at the local food bank. While helping the disadvantaged, Anna meets Maria Sanchez. Though the two women come from very different backgrounds, they quickly form a strong bond over their shared love for their families. When trouble strikes Maria’s family, Anna and her husband Mike are forced to face one of the most important decisions of their lives. Starring Christopher Atkins (“A Horse for Summer”, “The Blue Lagoon”), Kevin Sorbo (“God’s Not Dead”), James Duval (“Gone in 60 Seconds”, “Donnie Darko”), Terri Minton (“Country Strong”), Valenzia Algarn (“Black Jesus”).

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Raise Em Up Records is proud to announce the release of its debut project “The Sparrows Now & Then,” the soundtrack from the heartwarming family movie “The Sparrows,” by Nandar Entertainment. The soundtrack features original music from The Bellamy Brothers, Keaton Simons, Billy Dorsey, Victoria Reed, Peter Beckett, Ambrosia, the Manhattans and Disney superstar China Ann McClain and the McClain Sisters.  Soundtrack Now Available at several retail outlets such as AMAZON, iTunes, and more.


1. Make It Easy (Victoria Reed) 4:18
2. Hopes And Dreams (Ambrosia) 4:05
3. Deeper Waters (Deborah Allen) 3:56
4. Clip My Wings (The McClain Sisters) 2:53
5. After The Storm (The Bellamy Brothers) 4:24
6. You Pulled Me Through (Keaton Simons) 4:17
7. Lift Me Up (Peter Beckett) 4:00
8. Go To Heaven (The Kentucky Headhunters) 3:28
9. The Promise (Larry Bachman) 3:39
10. Jessie (Neal McCoy) 3:52
11. Be Alright (Soul Tempo) 3:15
12. Whatever It Takes (Bill & Kim Nash) 3:17
13. Power (Judaration) 4:21
14. Crossing Over The Line (John Ford Coley) 3:40
15. How’s Heaven (Ashley Nicole) 2:33
16. Oh, Come To Me (Bertie Higgins) 4:21
17. Dancing In Heaven (Billy Dorsey) 3:16
18. Run (Danny Jones) 3:55
19. Gone So Soon (Audrey Hicks) 4:00
20. Guardian Angel (The Bellamy Brothers) 3:18
21. Heavenly Father (The Manhattans) 3:30
Total Album Time: 78:18

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